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just a sniffle

written by ChristingC March 18, 2010
Zara blouse, River Island crochet shorts, Topshop shoes.

After 3.5 days of flu and bed I felt a distinct urge to give my new online purchases an outing, and partake in activities not involving wiping my runny nose and coughing. Haphazard attempts were made to disguise my red blotchy skin, and transform less than sexy bed head to presentable hair (lots of shine spray can work wonders.) We ended up with a quicker than usual dinner, and I managed to cough discreetly and avoid contaminating other healthy diners. All in all a successful evening.
P.S. These are my new favourite shoes and shorts. So comfy! I can’t wait to wear them in warm weather…if that ever happens here in London.

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