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she waits for the ideal…

written by ChristingC November 19, 2009

Topshop boutique silk blazer, Toshop and vintage necklaces, RVCA tank, H&M scarf, Steve Madden boots, AA wet look skirt, Dior saddle bag, Rolex watch.

After a relaxed catch-up dinner with the best friend, and a less than comfortable journey home, the boy and I decided to settle at a wine bar located only ten steps from our front door. Conversation turned to the topic of friendship, and we spent time musing the values of history over connection. In my opinion connection wins in every relationship. This may be a result of experiencing betrayal and bullying from a young age, and a youth filled with school hopping. I can safely state, I did not find a true friend until my late teens, when I discovered the importance of similar values, preferences, and personalities. I have kept those relationships close, but have since gone through life only jumping in when the presence of similarities is evident. I can build trust within days, when the connection is right, never settling for a shallow, questionable relationship.
The boy’s friendships differ greatly from mine. The majority of his best friends were found before they learned fractions, and still remain in the same close knit group. He believes trust is built over time and enjoys vast differences in personality, so his friends fall into two distinct groups. The ones who he considers family, and those he often forgets the last names and birthdays, but can relay their perfect drunken night. I remain the one and only exception. At times I view his spectrum of relationships and envy his open demeanor, so while I skip through life only pausing at the right moments, the boy stops whenever possible, breathing in the good, while leaving behind the bad.

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