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Back in Action

written by ChristingC July 23, 2009

Vintage half slip, Chloe jacket, Jimmy Choo clutch, Matalan shoes.

The social strike ceased last night when the boy suggested it was time we paid our favourite bartenders a visit at the E&O. Although I felt the need to infuse my body with alcohol content once again, the urge to choose a garment that closely resembled a nightgown was impossible to resist. I’m sure I have mentioned in the past that I have a small collection of vintage half slips I enjoy wearing as dresses. They are incredibly breezy, silky, and can look classic with minimal effort. The fact that I purchased every single one for under $10 in random vintage shops makes them all the more appealing. The weather was chilly, and the bar was slightly empty due to holiday slump, but the taste of a passionfruit martini was more than therapeutic. I’m back to my party friendly self, and will be going all out tomorrow night…but I do think I’ll be needing a new pair of shoes to top off my mood.
And while I’m mentioning vintage and shopping, my friend has just recently started a eco-friendly vintage fashion site, www.zuburbia.com. They are all about being eco-chic! Ten trees are planted with every order, only recycled packaging and soy based inks are used, and 20% off all fur sales are donated to animal charities. I love the concept, and think it’s a great way to help the environment (fashionably).

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