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Trips to London are always happily nostalgic for the boy and I. Since moving all the way across the world, we love returning to our favourite little pockets of our former home and settling into quiet afternoons of food, wine, and conversation. Plus, with London, there’s so much to do here, that even if you live here, you can’t say that you’re bored. From visiting attractions such as the London eye, Madam Tussaud’s and the Shard, to Buckingham palace and the British Library, there’s just so much to see! No matter where you choose to go in London, you’re definitely going to find something for you.

We are always pleasantly shocked by how much the city evolves and changes each year, with new art, boutiques, bars, and foodie hotspots popping up every second. On our last trip, we took the opportunity to go back to one of our favourite spots and see the new and well-loved spots Regent Street has to offer. Below is a little guide of what I recommend on your next visit.

Where to stay: Le Meridien Piccadilly

Only a few hundred yards from Picadilly Circus tube stop and all the excitement of Regent Street lies the grandeur and comfort of Le Meridien Piccadilly. We loved the convenient location, exceptional service, spacious rooms, and delicious breakfasts. The perfect spot if you want a home at the centre of the city during your stay in London.

Where to Eat:

Aqua Kyoto: Modern interiors, a stunning terrace, mouthwatering Japanese fare and the best champagne Sunday brunch that cannot be missed.

Hawksmoor: A must visit for steak lovers with amazingly juicy cuts of meat, cool cocktails, classic desserts, and fun atmosphere. The traditional roast is ideal for family lunches.

Ristorante Frescobaldi: Indulgent Italian fare and fine wine to match. Perfect for date nights or boozy lunches with friends. Their enticing creamy burrata and freshly prepared pacherri with rabbit ragu were way too delicious to resist.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill: As seafood lovers we were very excited to visit this classic spot. The fresh and decadent seafood platters paired with champagne made for an amazing celebratory meal and we loved the buttery dover sole.

Sketch: Afternoon tea is a must when in London and we loved the modern take on this enjoyable tradition available at Sketch. Think insanely cool, modern art interiors, impeccable service, and the most mouthwatering scones. We recommend pairing with a glass of champagne and sampling their fragrant rose tea.

Heddon Street Kitchen: The lively, after work atmosphere on Heddon Street makes for the perfect spot for an evening drink and meal. We loved the option of outdoor seating, their menu of traditional British fare with a modern twist, and the welcoming and relaxed venue. A great spot to start a night out with friends.

Where to Drink:

Ice Bar: Vodka cocktails served in a freezing room constructed completely of ice is definitely a fun novelty. We loved feeling giddy while perched on gigantic blocks of ice and sipping out of ice cube constructed glasses. A definite place for a mandatory photo opportunity and Instagram post.

Bar Americain: Classic cocktails in speakeasy, art deco surroundings and an impressive cocktail menu to match. We loved the intimate setting and cozy booths making it a definite go to spot for after dinner cocktails. The intricate Whiskey Sour and absinthe infused Sazerac Suze will definitely impress.

Where to Pamper:

The Organic Pharmacy: Since becoming a mummy, I’m far more aware of what goes into my body and on my skin. I love the natural and effective products used at The Organic Pharmacy and the plethora of services offered in their in house spa. Go for a relaxing manicure or just to pick up a few indulgent products.

Akasha at Hotel Cafe Royal: If you are looking for a relaxing massage try the personalized massages at Akasha. Their quiet sanctuary takes you away from London’s busy streets and creates a haven where you can relax and unwind. The facilities are luxurious and the therapists are attentive to your specific needs. My tired, jet lagged body was eternally grateful after an hour on the massage table.

Regent Street Instagram: @RegentStreetW1 / Twitter @RegentStreetW1

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   Top to Bottom: C. by Christing C. Seashore Dress, C. by Christing C. North Laine Dress, Melissa Bui x Christing C. Dress, C. by Christing C. Flores Dress.  Ever is wearing the C. by Christing C. Peak Road Baby Dress.

Just set foot back on home turf after a scattered and busy two weeks chasing the little one around Europe.  We hopped on a plane with one week notice to partake in wedding festivities and plans of showing Ever off to her English family.  After surviving a jerlag wine fuelled weekend at a picturesque chateau in Bordeaux, we relaxed into a few days at Brighton’s nostalgic seaside for roast lunches and pub dates with le boy’s family.  Our trip ended with a whirlwinds few days of decadent dining and cocktails in London which I’ll share in the next post. For now, hope you guys enjoy the new dresses for C. by Christing C. pictured above and wish us luck in getting over a major dose of jet lag.


August 8, 2015 2 comments
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     Wearing the C. by Christing C. Jimbaran Dress in Grey Print.

Craving a little solace from the non-stop buzz that’s encircling my daily life. The weekend commenced with a faux typhoon warning and walking home in barely there drizzle after consuming a questionable amount of red wine.  Such experiences result in me becoming overly lazy for the rest of the weekend, swaying my family to snuggle on the couch and actually binge watch an entire season of trashy television before obscenely late bedtimes. I’m here tapping away past midnight, willing Monday to disappear and revelling in the sweet feeling of having baby Ever snoozing happily beside me.  Contemplating whether a long haul trip is really a good idea when work is surmounting by the minute and half committing to a silent promise to get my ridiculously long hair cut before the month is over.  How has your weekend been?


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   Peak Road Tunic Flores Dress   Peak Road Ever Set  Flores Dress and Ba&sh BlazerNusa Robe and Elgin Cami Portobello Dress in Tropical Floral      Jimbaran Dress

Curating a wardrobe that breezes in and out of a suitcase like second nature is top of my list of priorites. I spend a lot of time stuffing all of mine and Ever’s neccessities into a single suitcase and need outfits that work from day to night, with flats and heels, require minimal accessories, and still make that statement.  After trawling numerous fabric markets across the world, I’m finally pulling together a small stack of perfect printed dress I can’t help but reach for again and again.  Other goals are pieces that generally don’t need any ironing, and a floaty shape that flatters all shapes.  I’m seriously partial to silk chiffons, floaty florals, and light cotton for all this heat and humidity, and just throw on a leather jacket or blazer if it’s a bit cooler than crazy humid HK.

Also how cute are the new Ever Sets? I am totally becoming one of those moms.. actually not.  We don’t really wear them together, but in my quest to not waste any fabric, I’ve worked with my manufacturer to create baby dresses in very limited numbers out of  any leftover cotton fabrics we have available, so needless to say Ever’ s floral print wardrobe is now thriving as well.  I have more coming soon, but for now you can shop all of the above online!


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  Wearing Christing C. Portobello Dress, Topshop hat.

The boy and I entwined our hands and slowly strolled along this path almost every night during my pregnancy.  Our predictable evenings of drunken memories and blistering hangovers were exchanged for quiet planning of the future.  We would take small pauses to relish in our daughter’s robust kicks and eagerly countdown the days to her arrival.  I loved gazing at Hong Kong’s bright skyline from our quiet path, watching the city continue its routine while we learned to adapt ours. Taking this walk now is both nostalgic and romantic for me. Sometimes we partake alone after a lazy Saturday with our daughter and other times we bring her along, legs swinging, eyes curiously beaming, perched at the edge of her stroller.  I’ll miss these moments if we move from Hong Kong. All the details that made us transition from two to three.

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  Nusa Robe and PlaysuitVamaStyle bikini    Vamastyle bikini   Nusa Playsuit  Ba&sh top and Eberjey shorts from Sheer Lingerie      Ba&sh Blazer, Crochet top from local market, Uluwatu Shorts from Christing C. Melissa Odabash Top

 Sometimes you want an all star luxury, modern resort and other times you want to escape into your own little heaven.   Villa Sungai was the last stop during our Bali travels and it was the perfect haven for a three week escape.  Imagine a jungle surrounded infinity pool, decadent outdoor bathtubs strewn with fragrant rose petals, dining in decadent, authentic surroundings with an immensely helpful staff available 24/7, and the most serene and relaxing slumber with only nature sounds to keep you company.  After years of city life and the craziness of HK, I couldn’t ask for more.  The boy and I even went without internet access for over 48 hours and truly just enjoyed the company of each other and our little one.  My ideal family holiday.

May 19, 2015 11 comments
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Top to Bottom: Elgin Cami and Portobello Short in Boheme Print. Uluwatu Short in White. Elgin Cami and Portobello Short in Flore Print.

The sweltering heat is putting me in the mood for romantic nostalgia and barely there clothes.  The boy and I have been spending afternoons, hands entwined, meandering along the seafront trying to catch glimpses of the delicate ocean breeze.  Our weekends are reserved for family pajamas parties and indulging in far too much home cooking.  As much as we love our busy weeks, our homebody tendencies always get the better of us once Saturday rolls around.  Those who know me well know I have a penchant for sleepwear as outerwear.  Weekend wear should be as suitable for bed as it should be for picnics, and a little lace trim always adds that slight Parisian touch.  Check out the new C. by Christing C. items above which are ideal for your Summer wardrobe.  You’ll find me in one of the above, sipping skinny cappuccinos in bed, paired with gigantic sunnies for an incognito bakery run, and devouring red velvet cake at our corner cafe this Sunday.  Where will you wear yours?


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Ever is wearing Jacadi romper and headband, and Zara sunglasses and sandals.

I’m wearing Christing C. Kata Kimono and Toms Hong Kong shoes and limited edition tote available at Woaw Store.  

We are putting away the post vacation blues and making daily park picnics a part of HK life.  The weather is in perfect blue sky form and our little newly one year old is precariously taking her first unassisted steps.  The last year has been the most enlightning and fulfilling yet.  Learning how to become Ever’s Mother, understanding how far I could push myself mentally and physically, and the selfless demanor that takes stance in your heart were things I expected but knew little about until now.  I try to better myself daily for her, and concentrate on drowning out outside noise in exchange for perfecting our little family.  Her smiles she saves just for us, her generous personality, and sweetly shy ways are things I savour knowing it may change with the blink of an eye.  Instead of wondering what I want next, I consider what she needs, and am deftly protective of her desires.  We can’t help but want our little ones to follow our footsteps but I’m doing my best to allow her to be exactly who she wants to be.

Toms Hong Kong and Every Mother Counts have joined together to create a limited edition tote sold at Woaw Store.  Visit the store on Gough Street or order online  this Mother’s Day and support a great cause for Mothers around the world.  $5 USD from every bag sold will go to Every Mother Counts’ efforts to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for moms worldwide.

April 30, 2015 1 comment
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Clothing by Melissa Odabash

Also wearing Birkenstock sandals and bag from The9thMuse

We’re home, and I’ve left my heart in Bali.  The blistering blue skies, candid sunsets, balmy nights, and slow-paced attitude won over my hippie tendencies and is already pulling me back for more.  Vacations are always enjoyable when it comes to relaxing poolside, or doing just about nothing with your favourite people, but I’m infinitely drawn when I step into an atmosphere that makes me act at home.  Within 24 hours I was enquiring about affordable long-term rentals and possibilities of raising my daughter amongst all the other barefooted children.  The distinct elements of slow friendly local life mixed with a nomadic expat surfer crowd is everything I crave.  We hopped from luxe restaurants, deserted beaches, villas perched in secluded jungles, to organic alternative cafes and trendy rooftop cocktailing.  What more could I ask for?

I’m so happy I had Melissa Odabash’s SS15 collection to accompany me on this enlightening journey.  Her loose and flattering dresses and cover-ups were ideal in the hot and humid weather and looked amazing billowing on the back of a moped or traipsing through the neighboring rice patties.  Her swimwear for children was also exceptionally cute and Ever was always comfy on beach and pool excursions.  A definite must pack on all our wanderlusting adventures.


April 21, 2015 0 comment
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Wearing C. by Christing C.

Top image is the new print for our North Laine Dress.  Available online now.

 Have you guys noticed the new look?  The boy is currently torturing himself by enforcing a ten day detox which means the little one and I have been left to our own devices.  Me, the social butterfly, and Ever, the shy rabbit, embarked on a plentitude of playdates, (responsible) outdoor drinking, leisurly strolls along the seafront, and general bonding over our love of snacks.  Despite the packed schedule, I found myself slightly OCD in the evening without the usual parties and date nights, so took to rearranging my entire site.  We aren’t Fashion Hedonism anymore.  Ahhh it’s the end of an era.  I’m now blogging under Christing C. and instead of just concentrating on outfit posts there’s going to be plenty more about travel, health, fitness, beauty, and baby Ever.  She even has her own little category.  Hope you guys enjoy and look forward to more frequent posting.  Don’t forget to click the “Shop” tab and shop C. by Christing C. which I’m wearing a lot of in this post.  We have new products on the way so stay tuned for that and more collaborations in the next few months.  Hope you all had a relaxing Easter weekend.


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