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simple flutter of the heart

written by ChristingC May 9, 2015

Top to Bottom: Elgin Cami and Portobello Short in Boheme Print. Uluwatu Short in White. Elgin Cami and Portobello Short in Flore Print.

The sweltering heat is putting me in the mood for romantic nostalgia and barely there clothes.  The boy and I have been spending afternoons, hands entwined, meandering along the seafront trying to catch glimpses of the delicate ocean breeze.  Our weekends are reserved for family pajamas parties and indulging in far too much home cooking.  As much as we love our busy weeks, our homebody tendencies always get the better of us once Saturday rolls around.  Those who know me well know I have a penchant for sleepwear as outerwear.  Weekend wear should be as suitable for bed as it should be for picnics, and a little lace trim always adds that slight Parisian touch.  Check out the new C. by Christing C. items above which are ideal for your Summer wardrobe.  You’ll find me in one of the above, sipping skinny cappuccinos in bed, paired with gigantic sunnies for an incognito bakery run, and devouring red velvet cake at our corner cafe this Sunday.  Where will you wear yours?


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