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To A New Year…

written by ChristingC January 2, 2016




Waving goodbye to another year always brings forth feelings of nostalgia and excitement, along with a slight sadness of losing time so quickly.  I’ve been hanging onto moments more and more since Ever entered my life and each day I try to soak up as much of her cuteness and baby like qualities as possible.  I’m finding it hard to accept she will one day become a teenager or adult and I won’t be able to cuddle her before bedtime, steal a million kisses a day, or see her sweet eyes staring at me with great adoration.  My birthday falls just before Christmas and New Year so this time of year brings many celebrations, but shifts me into another state.  I go from lazy holiday mode to sheer determination as the clock ticks midnight, and plans for what we will hope to achieve in the upcoming year start to come alive.  Last year brought so many blessings, and saw the most success and happiness since we started calling HK home.  The boy and I travelled constantly with our baby, watched her blossom, and learned what we wanted our family to strive and become.  I was able to challenge myself as a mother and dedicated my time to not only teaching and learning with my daughter but nurturing our relationship to be a strong one for many years to come. 2016 will be another adventure, maybe the best yet with welcoming a new family member in the form of a little brother for Ever.   I’ve spent so much of the past three years being pregnant or adjusting to my life as a mother, I haven’t thought much about myself. This year I am hoping to learn to juggle all my roles, maintain my absolute closeness with Ever while inviting her brother into the world, as well as set myself more challenging goals for my brand and career. We aren’t daunted by the obstacles of being self-employed, working parents of two, but look to embrace our nomadic lifestyle further, and find ways to truly open our children’s eyes to everything that is available to them.  Hopefully we will see another year of love, adventure, and happiness.


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