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don’t worry it’s decaf

written by ChristingC January 21, 2016

The boy has taken his first solo trip in years and I’ve opted to stay home and sleep. Well sleep and grow this baby bump. 30 weeks pregnant is not the best time to travel long haul so my little mini me and I are snuggling up at home and having a girls week in.  I’ve gone into major nesting mode and cleared out my mind and space of all junk.  The largest room in our apartment is now being slowly converted to a dream playroom, and I’m constantly on Pinterest researching baking recipes and toddler art projects. Who have I become?! Don’t worry, I am still dying for a glass of champagne and a decadent beach holiday, but maybe after the baby arrives and my thigh gap returns. For now, I’ll be the one in bed online shopping and gorging on decaf cappuccinos and cookies.


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