Home Style telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare

telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare

written by ChristingC November 20, 2013
 MinkPink cardigan, Moussy top, C. by Christing C. Oxford Skirt, Carin Wester furry backpack, Steve Madden booties.
The best part about cooler temperatures that actually don’t reach cold standards means you can play with layers and textures without actually risking any effect on your body temperature.  When else can you pair a furry backpack with open toe booties?  I was in a playful mood last night, and excited to roam the streets with the boy.  We sipped on happy hour prosecco, looked on enviously at fresh pizzas while resisting the urge to munch before dinner, and ended up at a Spanish feast to complete the night.  We have both been taking exercise pretty seriously lately, which has resulted in lots of complaints mixed in with a sense of accomplishment.  I still can’t believe the word “Christmas” keeps popping up in conversation.  Is it really that close by?


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