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travel, love, and fairy tales

written by ChristingC February 12, 2014
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 C. by Christing C. Portobello Dress, True Religion denim Jacket, Converse shoes.
 The boy and I always reflect on our insane love of travel after every trip.   Now that we are expecting a little addition to our family, the planning has accelerated into full gear.   We contemplate where we want her to witness her first blood orange sunset, swim in the salty Mediterranean Sea, sample her first bite of authentic Italian pizza, or play on a snow drenched mountain.  Instead of changing our lifestyle we want to teach our children to embrace it.  Both the boy and I were brought up in broken families, in world where divorce seems more acceptable than happily ever after.  For me it’s imperative she understands the meaning of true love, and for her to have the opportunity to witness it everyday.   Travel doesn’t just bring enjoyment, but it allows you to see love in the world from a million different angles.  To delve into the intricacy of each culture, and fall in love with the mixture of nature and tradition over and over again.  For us life is an insane mixture of experiences and familiarities found in all our favourite cities.  To be able to mix in art, music, fashion, cuisine, and nature in all corners of the world and fall in love again while experiencing the familiar and new.  To return to your favourite Parisian spot and reflect upon all that has changed between now and the previous time visited.  I hope our little girl will crave love and adventure as we do, that she will believe in passion, true love, and fairy tales. 

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