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Pregnancy Diary: The 2nd Time Around

written by ChristingC January 11, 2016

The past half year has passed in a blink and I’ve just realised I never posted a bump update for you. For me, the 2nd time around has been a vastly different experience with a roller coaster of ups and downs.  My first pregnancy was a huge ball of emotions. Feelings of fear, excitement, anxiety, and love flashed through me each and every day and I was in a pile of tears half the time unable to juggle the hormones coursing through my body (sorry Dan).  Hours were spent scrolling through parenting books and articles in preparation for our first child, and I knew everything from the basics of breastfeeding to that year’s most popular stroller.  I googled articles on flying with infants as well as watched YouTube videos on how to safely bathe a newborn and care for her belly button. A list of essentials had been compiled and we spent a fortune at HK’s premium baby shops for the very best in organic everything for Baby Ever.  It’s safe to say she was destined to be our little princess.

Little did I know less than 1.5 years later I would again be greeted with the surprising news that I was holding a little one in my belly.  What nobody told me was how different it would be this time around. Gone are the afternoon naps and basically sleeping through my entire pregnancy. Hours spent scouting and gorging on specific foods or shopping for newborn goodies has been replaced with chasing around my already present toddler.  I’m consumed with spending as much time with Ever as possible, ensuring her that she’s very special, so the transition to having a sibling will be that much easier.  Not that I don’t love our soon to arrive little boy just as much ,but the anxiety is gone. I’m content in my abilities to care for a newborn and am ready to take on the daunting deed of keeping said baby alive.  I’ve barely kept track of the weeks, and despite feeling more exhausted and less pampered than last time around, it’s been a quick ride to almost 30 weeks. So here we are, just two months left, and I can’t wait to meet him. I wonder if he’ll look like his big sister, if he’ll be just as cuddly, and I can’t wait to inhale that addictive baby scent.  He’s already more rambunctious in the womb, kicking up a storm, so I think we may have an active little boy on our hands. I’m gearing up for the night feeds, and crossing my fingers he has the same talent for sleeping through the night as Ever.  We are excited to experience all the milestones again, seeing it all though new eyes.  I’m sure he’ll throw in few surprises of his own and I am looking forward to what is in store.

Also I’ve just launched a collection of dresses for all those flower princesses out there, inspired by Ever Tai.  Shop your little girl in the link below.

Ever by Christing C. 


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