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written by ChristingC July 14, 2014
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C. by Christing C. Montmartre Cardigan, Stolen Girlfriends Club skirt, Converse sneakers, Zara crop top.  
Just a few weeks and it feels like the world has flipped but in the very best way.   The boy and I are shifting into our new roles a little more each day and I can see the shape our lives will soon take.  Big changes make you look at your life through new eyes, reevaluating relationships, and weeding out the good from bad.  Surrounding myself with positivity and strength so we can grow into a healthier, balanced existence.  Now more than ever I feel adverse to negativity and pressure, and there is nothing more optimistic than watching something you created grow, thrive, and bond in the most natural way. Our days are what we make it and we can choose to push, mold, and wring every last minute hoping to manipulate it into what we think we may want or we can just learn to stop, breathe and enjoy. 

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