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written by ChristingC February 17, 2014
 photo 346EDF9F.jpg photo CFC9BB12.jpg photo 68332C3D.jpg photo 6CF1B96B.jpg photo 48CCE561.jpg
Zara vest and boots.  Topshop HK beanie.

What better way to start off the week than with a bit of sparkle.  We’ve gotten off to a busy start with plenty of reorganising and planning to do.   Spring cleaning is commencing just a little earlier this year, which means I will be purging not only my wardrobe but our clusters of random goody bags, beauty products, and things we’ve picked up along the way.   I think the boy and I have become slight hoarders since moving to HK, and it needs to stop now.  Who needs every press release imaginable and a pile of unopened pink lip gloss I will never use?  I’m looking forward to refining and categorising my wardrobe as well as making room for our new arrival.   Speaking of… I have decided to start another blog for all things baby bump related.  That way Fashion Hedonism can stay the same and for everyone who is interested in my pregnancy journey visit me here >>>>> Baby by Christing C.


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