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written by ChristingC May 27, 2013
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You may have noticed that this past week I have been sporting a new lighter shade of blonde and reaping compliments for the amazing colour courtesy of Kim Robinson.  Last week was my first time visiting the ultra chic and inviting salon located amidst Central’s chic designer boutiques.  Kim Robinson offers a luxurious and private space complete with private rooms for each client and incredibly talented staff.  I was lucky enough to have Kim himself work alongside his amazing colourist, Maggie, on what would be the ideal blonde for my skin tone and hair.  The process was comfortable and open giving you a clear idea of what they can offer while fusing it with what you want for your hair.  I have never had more confidence trusting someone and giving them full creative control.  The result was perfectly sun bleached blonde without a hint of orange.  Everything I have been searching for in a salon and more.

Kim Robnison also has a collection of hair products available in the salon.  My favourite products were chosen as they are ideal for maintaining my messy waves in this insane humidity.  I was instantly obsessed with the HRF Smoother which was perfect after years of dying my long locks.  It rehydrates, tames frizz, and provides protection from heat damage.  The special formula also incorporates Crodasone W which strengthens damaged locks.  A must have for me as I like to keep my hair light and very long.   They also recently introduced an Electric Volumizing Crimper exclusive to Kim Robinson salons.  The small crimper discreetly adds texture and creates extra volume.  It’s ideal to use at the crown to create my undone, tousled style.  

Kim Robinson
106, Chater House
8, Connaught Road
Central, Hong Kong
Tel +852 2121 8484

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