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written by ChristingC March 23, 2011
Crochet top from market worn over Monki tank, Bershka shorts, Zara bag, Asos boots, and H&M feather earrings.

It is very rare when everyone in my family is visiting a city for the first time.  I think this may be the first. Our plane touched down at Kuala Lumpur airport late yesterday evening.  We stepped into the sticky warm air and maneuvered ourselves quickly through the basic airport.  After several confused turns at bargaining, we shuffled into a minivan roomy enough for our 7 person entourage and proceeded to our hotel at the centre of the city. Which was better than my families initial plan of driving down in a van, I think the only reason that didn’t go ahead is because the van insurance didn’t pan out the way it needed to. Our night was spent in full exploration mode, making ample use of the short time we are here.  Shopping was swift and successful at the Petronas Towers, dinner was a fusion of delightful coconut and chili flavours, and Luna Bar offered yet another stunning view.  Champagne poolside is never a bad way to end the night.  Less than 24 hours until we arrive at the beach!  Cannot wait!
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