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Shanghai Baby

written by ChristingC July 11, 2010
Olivia Rubin dress from my-wardrobe.com, Zara shoes, Kabiri bangle
Sorry for the brief blogging break! I have been on my first visit to the beautiful city of Shanghai and have barely found a moment to sleep, so photographing an outfit or turning on my computer was a little out of the question. Trying to cram sights, fun, and food into three days while trekking through extreme heat is not an easy task. We managed to squeeze with the masses to Shanghai’s World’s Fair, gorged on traditional sweet cuisine far too many times a day, strolled through a cluster of skyscrapers, sipped cocktails at the world’s highest bar, and throughly explored Shanghai’s electric nightlife. I have never walked more or been so overwhelmed by humidity and heat, but every moment was enjoyable. The boy and I are already planning what to try out on our next visit.

And on a fashion note…I have recently fallen in love with quirky, art influenced designer, Olivia Rubin. Her dresses are playful and girly with just the right amount of sophistication. This dress manages to be structured and fitted, but still feels light as a feather. Definitely a lifesaver in this summer humidity. Get one on sale now at my-wardrobe.com!

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