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stone stops leading to the top

written by ChristingC September 27, 2011
Sweater from Taiwanese boutique, H&M shorts, Mania Mania pendant.
It has taken more than a second, but I’m starting to settle into the steady beat of my busy days.  Autumn has taken a tiny nip out of Hong Kong’s scorching heat and sweaty humidity, so I’m savouring every minuscule breeze felt each evening.  I am now finding time to pause in my thoughts and actually appreciate all that has transformed my life these past few months.  Despite extreme stress and drowning in inexperience, I have grasped the importance of the learning process.  It can be a relief to step out of your crammed thoughts and fully relish the moments which make you smile.   Afternoon naps that seem to last forever, an expected kiss to cure a toxic frown, beginnings of growing friendships, and support you never knew existed.  Sometimes you have to take every step to earn the spectacular view. 

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