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written by ChristingC July 17, 2010
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H&M dress, cardigan from market in Hong Kong, Topshop boots and necklace, Kabiri bangle.

My brother is visiting London for the first time in two years, so we are grasping the opportunity to immerse him in all the little treasures our neighborhood has to offer. Each evening has been spent circulating our preferred gastropubs, familiarizing him with the local bar staff, and satisfying his urge for an infamous kebab at night’s end. I am now happy to announce, he loves British food, has a packed social calendar, and is already contemplating his next visit. But before his trip ends we still plan to bombard the shops of Oxford Street, partake in a London garden BBQ, and maybe dabble in the nightclub scene. With jetlag constantly hindering my energy, lets hope I’m still standing at the end of next week.

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