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Snow Day

written by ChristingC February 2, 2009
She peeks out the window at her bedside. Little fluttery flakes floating towards the ground. A fluffy patch has already began to settle, and the anticipation bubbles. Her slumber is met by dreams of snowmen and hot cocoa next to a fire, watching a blizzard outdoors. She awakens to the sound of laughter and eagerly peers outside at the snow covered rooftops and streets. She dresses rapidly, grabbing her black skinny jeans and several black tops to layer under her vintage faux fur coat. She finishes it off with a gold headband, fit for a snow princess. She exits quickly, craving her hot cocoa and looking forward to a stroll in a rarely snowy London.

Vintage faux fur coat from Portobello Market, Topshop skinny jeans, Zara blouse, Topshop headband.

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