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The Bugaboo Donkey 

written by ChristingC August 11, 2016

Many would describe us as quite a nomadic family, with trips around Asia and across the world on an almost monthly basis.  Life was pretty precarious keeping up with our travel tendencies with a burgeoning baby bump and animated toddler on the ride, but when River arrived this March we knew we needed new stroller options to make the journey a little more effortless.  I spent my last trimester reading up on on double and tandem strollers, but kept going back to the sleek, durable, and comfortable Bugaboo Donkey.  My main criteria was both babies must have somewhere to nap during long waits at the airport, lunches in the city, or just hanging out in a hotel lobby waiting to check in.  The Bugaboo’s bassinet and seat options were spacious, comfortable, and breathable in the heat for both a newborn baby and a mischievous toddler.  I can say both little ones seem to instantly fall asleep when being placed inside which is a testament to how comfortable they are when riding in this stroller.  I also loved that it handled easily, has a generous bottom basket, and can fold in one piece. You can also convert the stroller into a single stroller with side basket which is then only as wide as the Bugaboo Cameleon.  We’ve taken it through HK malls and parks, on long journeys in big city airports, along the beaches and resorts in Bali and can’t wait to convert it into two seats as River gets bigger and grows out of the bassinet.  A truly luxurious stroller for you and the little ones.  

Bugaboo is sold at Mothercare stores in Hong Kong.  

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