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Cannes Photo Diary

written by ChristingC September 12, 2014
We are back after 10 days in paradise.  A first family vacation when all I wanted to do was nap with the baby and sip wine with the boy.  Pretty successful overall considering it was the first time were were sans nanny and all.  Cannes is one of those places we will always return. The boy introduced me to the luxe bohemian beach town just after we were married and we’ve been finding ourselves traipsing back to the same family owned beaches, indulgent restaurants, and seaside cocktail spots year after year.  It was perfect to witness sunsets in a new light while walking our little girl up and down the rivera and splurging on a little place with a big view.  Some tweaks need to be done but next year will be round 100 and even better than the last.

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