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written by ChristingC November 10, 2013
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C. by Christing C.
Sorry for disappearing.  We had a quickie, jam packed trip to NYC which ended with a 16 hour flight home and me sleeping for about 3 days straight.  Monday is looming so I promise to be back to my productive self.  The end of a month long, carefree trip is hard to shake from your bones, makes me want to take things just a little less seriously.  Catching up with old friends and seeing myself in new light made even more clear the changes that have taken place in the last few years.  I’m not quite the same, not as frivolous, but definitely more sure of who I am.  It’s been easier to tune out the negative and revel in all that I have to be thankful about in my life.  The world around you will always have their own opinions about your life and how you should live it, despite barely knowing who you are today, but you don’t always have to listen.  Just smile, nod, and have another glass of champagne 😉

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