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Pregnancy Diary: Week 30

written by ChristingC February 25, 2014
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I saw this questionnaire on a few pregnancy blogs and thought it was a cute way to document each week.  I’m pretty far along now so there won’t be that many, but you guys can share my third trimester with me. I’ll update weekly with the same list of questions.

How far along? 
Almost week 31! So excited!
Maternity clothes? 
I’m waiting on a few maternity tees from Asos and a new maternity bra.  I’m kinda sick of wearing the boy’s tees so thought I should try a few maternity ones before this is all over.   I’m pretty into oversized clothes anyway, so I’m sure I can wear them as dress or tucked into shorts after pregnancy 😉

I got this baseball tee and boyfriend tee.  Both from Asos.

Stretch marks?
None. I was really worried about this as the women in my family have pretty sever stretch marks, but I’ve been using Bio Oil and Palmers Cocoa Butter religiously twice a day.  My bump also isn’t huge, so I guess I may get away with it.   Hopefully!!!
I sleep really well, but I always have.   I’m am known to be a very good sleeper and napper. I find myself waking earlier than usual, but have been finding it easy to nap in the day if I’m still tired.  We have just rearranged our bedroom and the new bed is comfier than ever.  Think I’ll be camped out here most of my days.
Best moment this week?
Cleaning and redecorating our apartment and doing a big shop at Ikea for new wardrobes.  I’m feeling very organized and loving cleaning up our place one room at a time so we can make plenty of space for the baby. 
Worst moment this week?
I’m feeling huge and my legs feel more swollen and sore.  I’m really ready not to be pregnant.  I didn’t feel many changes in my body or size until 6 months in, so the sudden bump and swelling is very foreign to me. I’m getting used to this new body that hopefully won’t last long.
Miss anything? 
My old tummy and thighs 🙂  Also a glass of wine with dinner and wearing my tiny denim shorts.  
She moves all the time and I can feel her getting stronger.  She’s all stretched out so her little feet are tickling my ribs a lot.
Food cravings? 
Sweets.  Cakes and chocolates.  I hope this goes away after pregnancy, because I didn’t used to be a sweet person and it feels like a bad habit is developing.
Anything making you feel sick or queezy? 
I’m more sensitive to smells but I haven’t been sick at all the entire pregnancy which is lucky 🙂
I am sleeping more.  I’m tired all the time and need a nap most afternoons.   I also think I feel Braxtons Hicks contractions now but still unsure.  I get a bit of cramping that lasts for about 20 seconds then goes away.  
Belly button in or out?
Still very in.   Hasn’t changed at all.
Happy or moody?
Looking forward to?
March arriving and passing very fast.  Our new wardrobes arriving on Thursday and setting up the crib next week.

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