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there may be other people like us

written by ChristingC November 13, 2012
Do you ever get bored of the same thing.  Doing things that are meant to be exciting, only to find that it falters just slightly below expectation?  Hong Kong is one of those cities that moves at warp speed, a million events litter your calendar each week, and champagne flows as freely as possible if you can get your foot through that door.  Each and every face is familiar, when you see them at the restaurant/bar/store of the moment, and air kisses are given on a minute to minute basis.  It’s pretty impossible to walk down the street without bumping into friends, and one is never quite sure if a casual dinner is actually going to be about business.  You create the dream lifestyle only to miss something simpler.  I am starting to crave the juicy cheeseburger I ordered at Electric Brasserie at least three times a week, having friends I could text at a moment’s notice to meet for cheap wine and frivoulous tipsy conversation, cozy coffee dates that turn into early am cocktails, and quiet date nights with the boy.  I miss talking about everything and nothing, blindly trusting with all my secrets.  A social life void of comparing followers, diets, or all of the above. Hmmm it’s not as bad as it sounds, but sometimes I feel like hiding.


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