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written by ChristingC March 9, 2012
Uploaded with Snapbucket
Uploaded with Snapbucket
Top Row: Stolen Girlfriends Club Drape Cape Dress (on sale)
2nd Row: Aje Sikulu Dress
3rd Row: Aje Himba dress and Rachel Gilbert Minxy tank (on sale)
4th Row: Stylein Enchanted (on sale) and Rachel Gilbert Minxy Tank (on sale)

I know my I’ve been slacking on the blog this week, but I forgot how difficult it is to keep this up without my photographer (the boy) by my side 24/7.  I have been working hard on a few projects  and the boy returns next week, so daily blogging will resume shortly.  Until then I’m going to leave you with a few iPhone self portraits of my dress-up session earlier today.  This is the process I go through when deciding my Friday night outfit.  Well maybe not every week, but sometimes.  Everything is available at Christing C. and don’t forget to use “hedonism” at checkout  to get 20% off all non-sale items!! 

Check back tomorrow for more!


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