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written by ChristingC December 2, 2011
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Stylein cardigan and leather snood, Monki tank, JFT knit shorts, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Low Luv necklace.
What do you expect out of those you love?  Constant presence, unsolicited support, surprising acts of kindness, the ability to understand, or all of the above?  As I reluctantly grow older by day and edge towards another birthday, I have begun to realise a sudden shift in my expectations.  Our lives are speeding through change, our personalities are experiencing a new sense of maturity, and sometimes the world can seem a little lonelier than our childhood years.  Instead of traipsing the city in hopes of collecting friends, you opt for quality over the youthful hope of quantity.  You seek sanctuary in family, and those who entwine unexpectedly into your life.  When you are young you believe love is magical, unconditional, and insanely easy, but the reality is that love is strength, understanding, tolerance, and growing together rather than apart.  

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