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beware of deep water

written by ChristingC April 29, 2011
Monki shawl, Free People shorts, scarf from market, and hat from H&M.

Doubt can manifest into one of the most unbearable emotions, constantly eating away at your every thought.  What begins as logical, thoughtful, and careful, can easily slip into fear and foreboding.  It’s pull is often so forceful you feel physically incapable of taking that exhilarating leap into the unknown.  I despise second guessing decisions, running each “yes” and “no” on repeat in my mind, but in the face of doubt, certainty fades and is replaced with an unpleasant dread.  Though the feeling is faint it paints on your daily tasks, litters your dreams with agitation, and steals the excitement which accompanies shiny new ventures.  So for now I’m pushing doubt aside and trading it for a more endurable, cautious.

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