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just the little things

written by ChristingC January 8, 2011
H&M top, Topshop leather leggings and hat, Low Luv necklace from My-Wardrobe.com, Christian Louboutin shoes, random scarf from Hong Kong boutique.
The small things that make me smile are probably what make me happiest.  Sweet unexpected emails, sitting comfortably with the boy for hours on end without having to say a word, the way my little sister giggles with delight, a perfect cappuccino, coming across my dream pair of shoes, drunken i love yous when I least expect it, quiet dinners with the boy full of wine and laughter, eating daily doses of salmon sashimi, watching my beautiful cousin taking care of her sweet baby, preparing for a night out while gossiping and dancing with my favourite girls, and meeting delightful strangers who will soon be life long friends.

I hope there are little wonderful moments making your days brighter.

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