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finding that stolen moment

written by ChristingC January 31, 2011
Versace leather jacket, Egoist sweater, Topshop shorts, Mango boots, and snood from random Hong Kong shop.

Spent the past few nights devouring the most delicious authentic Peking duck, sampling a variety of weirdly named shooters, and preparing for Chinese New Year.  Traditional envelopes are currently being stuffed with money, red and gold decorations are prettily scattered throughout the grounds, and each entrance has been neatly framed with petite orange trees.  Having grown up in the United States, Chinese New Year was taken far less seriously and many traditions were easily missed.  Here our family approach the event will full force, so expect lots of homemade dumplings, huge round table meals, and plenty of happy reunions.  The boy and I are looking forward to celebrating the holiday for the first time in our new home.  


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