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she knows you’ve seen it before…

written by ChristingC October 11, 2009

Topshop tee, vintage sequin skirt, H&M men’s hat, Topshop boots, Georg Jensen pendant and vintage necklaces.

I know this is familiar, but here are all of my favourites remixed and thrown back at you.

There are moments when variety creates a string of excitement, but I do have to admit a slight preference to habit. My happiness is often derived from dining at our usual restaurants, holidaying in the same destination each summer, and relying on a small rail of clothes which are reliably comfortable, yet blogworthy. An adventurous streak will always trickle back, but I will undoubtedly discover a path back to the familiar. After a lifetime of school hopping, too many house moves, and city skipping every few months, a sense of relief blankets me when habits stream back into life. My restless alter ego is always planning her next move (we’re already contemplating Hong Kong or California) but for this instant I’m happy to cozy up with the usual sequence of events.

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