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Cat and Mouse

written by ChristingC October 31, 2009
AA mesh dress, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Black Ink used to paint nose and whiskers.
(Nell is a Christmas tree and that is not a wig. It is her real blue hair.)

The time is exactly 3:09pm, and the boy and I have just awoken after our first party in Dalston. We very rarely venture east, but the edgier attitude and scene have heightened my hardcore party spirit. I am looking forward to round two.

Last night I discovered I was attending a Halloween Eve bash, and was yet to obtain a costume. A moment of panic ensued, and I realized the downside of possessing an absolute last minute personality. In the end I was a black cat, and fashioned ears out of my lengthy locks, although the boy thinks I looked more like a mouse. I was hoping for Devon Aoki’s feline look in Vogue Nippon.
Better luck tonight.


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