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All that Glitters

written by ChristingC June 11, 2009

Topshop Jacket, AA Tank, Topshop Skirt, vintage necklace, Steve Madden boots

My head is swirling from long drives, flustered meetings, stressful applications, and hopes of a holiday next week. The relief of Friday never felt so utterly satisfying. One more errand, and my weekend will officially commence. I think a spot of shopping is necessary to ease into a suitably relaxed mood.

When this very perfect jacket popped up on several blog posts, I knew I had to have it. The allure became stronger when a close encounter took place at Topshop. Nothing could stop me from snagging my size and zooming towards a cash register. She is brighter, lighter, shinier, and more comfortable than you can imagine.

Happy Friday!

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