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Silver overalls coming soon to Christing C. (website will be back soon).
Food via Dot Cod.

This week has been all about catching up with work and friends.  Packing up our July with most likely far more than we can handle and planning exciting trips to amuse ourselves for the rest of the year.  Luckily the weather spirits decided to award us with a sunny weekend, so the boy and I have been taking full advantage of HK’s stunning vistas and abundant water activities.  I’m planning on maintaining this sun soaked looked for as long as possible.  

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 photo FFC4C30F.jpg photo 1399CFCB.jpg photo 51B78E77.jpg photo FADB6203.jpg 
Maurie&Eve Misery Bomber jacket from Christing C.
Exclusive sale price for Fashion Hedonism readers: 
$1900 HKD, $250USD, Aus Size 8 and 10 available
Email [email protected] to order.

Also wearing:
Samantha Wills bracelet set on sale in The9thMuse summer sale (enter “happysummer2013) for sale price, Dion Lee II skirt, H&M tank. 

It’s Fourth of July weekend and despite the fact that there’s minimal celebrations going on in this city, the weather is embracing sun, blue skies, and lighthearted moods.  The boy and I are celebrating with plenty of yacht time, creating sangria recipes, grilling fresh seafood, and staying out of the shade as much as possible.  Happy Independence Day to all those who are celebrating.

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 photo 96857accf9a04c1a51e0a81d1550ef13.jpg photo 319ff9618b6ee64f12cf0156278a2f73.jpg
Maurie&Eve Broken Heart Jumper: $1500 HKD/$200USD, Sizes S and M.
Stolen Girlfriends Club Full Circle Skirt: $700 HKD/$100USD, Sizes Aus 8 and 12.
Orders for both products can be made by emailing [email protected]
I’m motivated this month.  Not the usual, mentally checking things off a list, chastising myself for not achieving more, and reaching a daily deadline motivated.  A real I’m going to accomplish something big motivated.   Surviving on four hours sleep and zero minutes of free time is not second nature to me, but it’s been three days and I’m powering through.  Little time has been left for meals, relaxing evenings or weekends away, but it’s just 30 days or so right? So here we go.  If you see me this month, I’m probably the dishevelled mess running around town.


Christing C. online shop will be returning shortly, but for now all orders can be made by email!  I’ll keep loading exclusive sale products daily here!

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Insight51 Dress
On sale: $300 HKD/ $40 USD
Sizes: Aus 6, 8, 10 (US 2, 4, 6 and UK 6, 8, 10)
All orders and inquiries can be directed to [email protected]
More photos and measurements available upon request.
This colour has been following me all summer.  I have never really considered the shade, but it seems to work perfectly on a dress and against sun kissed skin. 

We are having technical problems with the Christing C. website but promise we’ll be back ASAP! Meanwhile email me at [email protected] to order this dress or any other Christing C. items you’ve seen on the blog!  And to make up for the site being down I’ll be posting about special sale items each day with discounted prices only available to you! Starting with this dress, but keep checking back for more!
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 photo A58391F9.jpg photo B1F2C18C.jpg photo 61666971.jpg photo FACD7183.jpg photo 73F42CD2.jpg
Feeling nostalgic and restless after a short trip to my old home.  I think the heady mix of a romantic wedding and catching up to speed with all the life altering changes in each friend’s life makes me realize how much can shift in a blinking second.  My constant need to take on far too much at once, as well as an omnipresent desire for extreme laziness usually collides into a fear of missing something.  Whether it’s rest or work, travel or play, I find myself inexplicably craving more.  London has the ability to kick start my creative instincts and push my need for time alone.  I love nothing more than browsing the streets with cool air brushing across my face.  Staring at everything and nothing.  Daydreaming about what will come next.  The lingering feeling of dissatisfaction pushes head first into my idle ways, forcing me to plan more and and experience more each day.  
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 photo 31BD72D2.jpg photo 9737DE7E.jpg
H&M top, Stolen Girlfriends Club full circle skirt from Christing C.

This constant torrential rain is killing me, but I guess it’s a great reason to wear something that is so waterproof it actually looks great with rain drops glistening on the surface.  My moods are swaying towards long hours in bed with green tea over parties and champagne at the moment.  I’ve taken a few leaps to sample new endeavours lately and the results have been more than rewarding.  Stepping out of my comfort zone is always daunting and easily avoided.  I find reasons to skip the next step which makes something become reality.  This time I’m glad I jumped in.  I hope you guys will love the outcome as much as I do.


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 photo D8032CE9.jpg photo D877A29E.jpg photo E91812E7.jpg photo 903356E9.jpg 
 Wearing H&M top and Aje Catara skirt.  Shop more Aje sequins here.

I know I’ve been missing on here a bit lately.  Between trips around China for an exciting project, catching up with family, planning upcoming trips, and everything else free time is hard to find.  Finally got an evening off to catch up with the boy after two days apart.  I have lots of fun stuff to share with you guys soon and we are off to Europe in less than 10 days! Yay!!

Off to spend a lazy Sunday at the beach.

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 photo 6EDF7351.jpg photo 9228D707.jpg  photo C6071287.jpg photo AD3965C7.jpg photo 7D9B3CF5.jpg photo E8526025.jpg

Also featuring Indonesian fried rice and beer from Indonesian Restaurant 1968, every kind of cocktail ever from Lion Rock bar, and super cute stick art display from the pop-up Art Basel and Louboutin collaboration.

Piling on stress on layer at a time.  Initially it’s fun to take on as much as possible in one’s schedule but I now can barely sleep in due to the fact that my mind runs constantly with figurative to-do lists.  I guess it’s far more amusing than a 9-5.  I’m currently back and forth from Shenzhen daily partaking in an exciting project. Can’t wait to share!! Stay tuned!! 

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Stolen Girlfriends Club skirt and tank coming soon to Christing C.  Toms Shoes.

Wishing it was sunny enough to hike around Lamma and play in the forest while blending in wearing a full on camo outfit.  Instead it’s still pouring with rain in HK.  Off to enjoy a chillaxed Saturday afternoon.  

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