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We have an exciting week coming up for Christing C.  Dec 12-15 we’ll be hosting a C. by Christing C. pop-up at The9thMuse.  Not only will there be new products to get you party ready this holiday season, but we’ll be launching CDD x Christing C. with Cindiddy.  Can’t wait to share with you guys the pieces we created.  Join us for the launch party or during the weekend and shop the collection.  

For all of you who aren’t in HK, all the products will go online after the pop-up so keep updated on the Christing C. website.

Hope to see you there!

Pop-Up Details:
Dec 12-15
12/F, 1 Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace

Launch Party for CDD x Christing C. 
Dec 12, 6-9pm at The9thMuse

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Dress: C. by Christing C.

Early to bed. Two more sleeps until C. by Christing C. launches and a big photoshoot tomorrow.  I am actually looking forward to next week so I can feel human again, and a little less like a crazy person with a million things to do.  Can’t wait to share my collection with you all! Come by the popup if you are in HK and for all of you who aren’t, we’ll be launching online early next week! 


C. by Christing C. launches at The9thMuse August 9th and 10th.  Come shop at the popup this weekend.  I’ll be there from 12-6pm both days.

12/F, Unit 1204, One Lyndhurst Tower, No.1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

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Happy weekend cuties! Make sure to pick up this week’s issue of HK Magazine featuring me in their “852” section!  Remember our popup at The9thMuse is next weekend.  If you are in HK please stop by and check out C. by Christing C.  I can’t wait to show you the entire collection.  I’ll be there both days so come over and say hi 🙂

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Just hanging out at The9thMuse yesterday shooting for Ketchup Magazine.  Always fun to catch-up with the girls there and drool over their amazing selection of accessories.  The launch of C. by Christing C. is coming soon.  Everything I’m wearing will be available at our pop-up next week!

Come over August 9th and 10th to check out the launch of the brand as well as pieces from the store!!  We will have lots of Maurie&Eve, Bec&Bridge, and Stolen Girlfriends Club for sale too!!
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 Dress C. by Christing C.
Pop-up Launch on August 9th and 10th at The9thMuse.
 The ominous hours between sunset and sunrise are when all your secrets find ways to escape.  A darkened sky seduces your senses and sways you into a feigned safety.  It is in these moments I want to hide with you.  To share my fears and dreams with only you.  Every hour brings me further from the harsh reality of day.  I crave the eery lure of a suddenly blurry night. 

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 Dress is C. by Christing C.
My first collection is launching at a pop-up event August 9 and 10th.
Please Save the Date if you are in HK!!!
Being un-apologetically bohemian is built into my blood.  Not only is it set as an infrastructure for my style but I lie and live in the entire mood.  Each fake schedule I create flees from discipline, while rolling around in a jasmine scented bed is my idea of heaven.  Wine remains a staple in our daily diet, and alarms have become a slight joke.  I’m pretty sure real life never actually existed. I revel in ethereal dreams and know the impossible is possible.  An unrealistic life is often the best kind.
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 Carin Wester blouse from Christing C. (orders can be made to [email protected], website coming back soon)
One Teaspoon shorts, Topshop hat, Asos boots.

Feeling exhausted today and it’s only half way through the week.  Apparently heavy Mondays followed by busy Tuesdays doesn’t promote the most alert state of mind.  Seriously craving a night in doing just about nothing.  I wish.. duty calls.  You know you have over planned this month when being in bed after only 2 hours at a party feels like a night off.  

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 Wearing Insight 51 Fringe Top and Dion Lee II Pleated Pinafore Dress both available to order from Christing C.  All orders and enquiries can be made to [email protected] for now.  Our site will be up and running again very soon!

Rose petal top from Harvey Nichols A/W Press Preview.
It isn’t easy to become fully absorbed by another person.  To feel life isn’t quite real without their presence.  Your paths entwine into a single narrow road where dreams and goals create a visible future. It’s easy to live without this dependency if you haven’t felt that click, but once it hits you that path is the only direction in sight.  Sometimes I feel my entire world lies on this gigantic bed, and if everything fell away we would barely notice.  Years pass, we change, friends appear just to disappear, but each night its easy to feel safe.  We could be anywhere at any hour, but with you it’s easy to call that place home. 


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 Bec&Bridge St Cloud Cami and white blazer coming soon to Christing C.
One Teaspoon shorts and Unif Hellraisers.

Silky separates are the only option at present.  That and flats so I can manage to run around and not be over 10 minutes late to just about everything.  Looking forward to a weekend full of free time and lounging around with the boy.  Friday is just around the corner.


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