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written by ChristingC June 19, 2015

We’ve been leading a nomadic lifestyle, hopping from one hotel to the next, crating around Ever, and living out of two suitcases for almost a month.  Not only is doing your own laundry while traveling a nightmare, but those with babies will understand the amount of clothing little ones go through each day.  With a surmounting laundry bill at each hotel, I was so happy I managed to bring The Laundress’ Delicate Wash along with me on the trip.  The bottle is easy to stuff into even the most bulging suitcases and just a little bit goes a really long way.  I washed all of Ever’s onesies, dresses, blankets, and even my silk and lace items with the wash.  Everything came out amazingly and was refreshingly fragrant and soft.  I was also obsessed with the delicate spray for taking that stale suitcase smell out of my wardrobe each time I unpacked.  Little things that can make your hotel room feel more like home are so necessary when wanderlusting across the world. I know I’ll be stocking up for my next trip.


Available at Sheer Lingerie, 13 Gough Street, Central

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