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Landmark Men Summer Party (Part 2)

written by ChristingC July 6, 2012
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Uploaded with Snapbucket
I’m wearing Maurie & Eve Sedgwick shirt dress available at Christing C.  and vintage cardigan.  Accessories: Mischa clutch available at Christing C. and my Dad’s Rolex.

Last night was Landmark Men’s Summer Party (Part 2).  This week was far more exciting due to the launch of The Armoury and JJ of The Wanderlister’s exclusive styling session filmed by HKHQ TV.  Everyone and anyone seemed to be present readily perusing the collections and meeting Hong Kong’s most fashionable men.  We entertained ourselves at The Armoury’s whiskey tasting bar, watched the boy serve as The Wanderlister’s model, admired DJ Angus Wong’s hot Christian Louboutin sneakers, and lost in a challenging game of beer pong.