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lets take it from the start

written by ChristingC February 8, 2011
Zara coat and shirt, Pull and Bear scarf, Topshop shorts, Asos boots.
Yesterday felt so much like Spring I couldn’t help but slide towards light colours and bare legs.  I’m soaking in as much of this weather as possible before I arrive in freezing New York City.  It’s weird how your mood and body can so easily shift into new situations.  From one climate to the next, from one language to another, and from one lifestyle to something completely new.  The boy and I have been here for just under two months, and despite being constantly busy, travelling every other week, and trying to adapt to all things foreign we are just starting to settle in.  Change is often great, but the unfamiliar can be very disconcerting.  To start your life again is as exhilarating as it is fear inducing.  We are beginning with the first block and building up, so it is time for new friends, new jobs, new languages, and a entirely new way of life.  In more ways than one, our day to day life has been made far easier than our London lives.  Menial tasks and worries have been dismissed, and assistance is at every corner.  But sometimes you yearn for the familiar, and we find ourselves craving more time alone or just a slower pace.  There are wonderful moments, and there are frustrating times but it all balances in the end.  For now we are enjoying the ride.


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