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the passage to happiness is alight with fire

written by ChristingC April 7, 2010
Zara jacket, top from Portobello Market, Topshop shorts, boots from random boutique in Tokyo, Gucci aviators.

Meeting up with old friends makes you realize how time speeds faster than imaginable. Your 20’s often become a defining age where life paths are decided. Are you the one who marries early, starts a family, travels the world, ignites your own business, or acquires more than just one masters degree? I have friends who are married with two children, practicing medicine in third world countries, running successful start-up businesses, avidly climbing the fashion industry, working in the infamous trade of banking, or just backpacking across the world. Every time we fit in catch-up sessions, I am in awe at how far each person has come, and am always reminded that the world is flowing with possibility. I guess it’s true…happiness is what you make it.

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