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she views her life through tinted glass

written by ChristingC January 15, 2010

Zara dress and vest, H&M hat, Ashish for Topshop wedges, H&M and vintage bangles, Gucci aviators.

Perception is incredibly deceptive. I giggled the other night when the boy’s childhood friend described us as “responsible adults with perfect, settled lives.” In my opinion responsibility falls very low on a list of adjectives I would utilize to describe our lifestyle. I sleep until noon, party incessantly, travel on a whim, reside in a heap of mess, and am far too impatient to sit through a formal dinner party that doesn’t include floods of wine. Some believe because we have officially committed our relationship on paper and are financially stable, our lives are set, but the future is never fixed. Economies shift, preferences change, and ambition can grow. I don’t conclude that if I am happy at present, I will always remain in a similar state. We can start with wealth and end in rags. You could be hopeless now, and climb to a successful state. My father was a waiter when I was born, and today he is one of the most lucrative businessmen I know. Life is a puzzle of choices, luck, and opportunity. We hit each of these elements constantly, and it is through every bend that our path is decided.

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