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she misses you…

written by ChristingC October 27, 2009

When I spotted one of my favourite blogger’s, Yvan Rodic of the Facehunter, most recent post about Taipei, I was immediately transported back to my parent’s hometown. I still possess plenty of family in the city, and always enjoy visits spent browsing through late night markets, sampling street food, singing karaoke, lazying away at ‘bubble’ tea houses, and staying up all night watching Asian horror films. A trip to Taiwan is so long overdue.

So I dedicate this post to my two incredibly cute, crazy, and fashionable Taiwanese cousins, who literally take hundreds of pictures a day documenting their lighthearted, hilarious personalities. Katie (bottom right) is on the verge of Asian pop stardom, attended Japan’s premier performing arts school, and has been a back-up dancer for Usher. Rachel (bottom left) is still only a young sweet sixteen, studies art in England, and was incredibly stylish from the young age of seven (obviously the influence of her super trendy older sisters).

Miss you guys and promise I’ll visit in December!!
(I didn’t forget you Kelly, I just don’t have any pics!)

*All photos are of my cousins and not of me 🙂

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