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Family Affair

written by ChristingC March 30, 2009
Topshop dress, Bangles from Portobello, H&M, and Kabiri

My parents live on opposite sides of the world (well Seattle and Hong Kong) and both rarely set foot in my current home, London. We are not the super-close, affectionate, cannot go a day without speaking with each other type of family so this seems appropriate, but my Dad’s two day visit has come as a very welcome and pleasant surprise. Not only is he a fashion savvy, I wear True Religion jeans/Roberto Cavalli leather jacket, loves delectable food, and great bars type of guy, but his amazingly generous and fun nature always results in a great reunion. We sampled the menu at Scott’s Mayfair for his first night. After ordering enough wine and seafood to feed the entire restaurant and devouring every last morsel, we ended the night on a great note. The somewhat pretentious nature did nudge our nerves slightly, but could not ruin our tastebud’s fabulous experience. Tomorrow night Electric Brasserie for some familiar, laidback fun…

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