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C. by Christing C. Montmartre Cardigan, Stolen Girlfriends Club skirt, Converse sneakers, Zara crop top.  
Just a few weeks and it feels like the world has flipped but in the very best way.   The boy and I are shifting into our new roles a little more each day and I can see the shape our lives will soon take.  Big changes make you look at your life through new eyes, reevaluating relationships, and weeding out the good from bad.  Surrounding myself with positivity and strength so we can grow into a healthier, balanced existence.  Now more than ever I feel adverse to negativity and pressure, and there is nothing more optimistic than watching something you created grow, thrive, and bond in the most natural way. Our days are what we make it and we can choose to push, mold, and wring every last minute hoping to manipulate it into what we think we may want or we can just learn to stop, breathe and enjoy. 

July 14, 2014 0 comment
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Nosh HK

written by ChristingC
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C. by Christing C. Montmartre Sweater, Converse HK shoes, Topshop HK hat.
Sheung Wan has been my neighbourhood for the three years we have called HK home, and I continue to  fall in love with it a little more each day. Little cafes have blossomed on every corner, cute bistros are nestled between local eateries and eccentric galleries, and the mixture of old and new acts as a photographer’s feast.  Nosh is one of the area’s new additions and definitely meets the personality and quality requirements.  With a buzzing open front entrance, simple and delicious chalkboard menu, and some of the most delicious desserts I have sampled in the city, I know I won’t be able to stay away.  I plan on visiting for their lemon tart and fresh coffee very soon, and can’t wait to try freshly baked  croissant for breakfast.  Warning…arrive early as their desserts sell out fast.

February 27, 2014 0 comment
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H&M sweater, C. by Christing C. dress, Topshop HK hat, Converse HK shoes.

Happy Wednesday.  I’ve been feeling extra sleepy and probably napped more than my fair share in the last 24 hours.  I wore this outfit on an abnormally warm afternoon, just before cold gusts of wind overtook the city before sunset.   Due to the expanding bump, I’ve been forced to shelf my beloved heels for a few months in favour of flats.  Sneakers are now my new favourite shoes and these Converse (the boy and have matching ones), slot pretty easily into most of my outfits.   For under $300 HKD a pop it would be pretty easy to stock up on colours.  Maybe red next?


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