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CDD x Christing C. Brighton travel

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H&M jumper and hat, CDD x Christing C. sequin skirt, Plush socks, and Zara boots.

Stepping into the first few days of the new year and prepping myself for all that we have coming in the next few months.  2014 is likely to be the most challenging, yet fulfilling for the boy and I.  We are finding our way down an unknown path and are creating excitement and anticipation in equal measures.  We always know just how to surprise our family and do things our own way.  It’s what I cherish most about our relationship, and we plan on taking these steps in the exact manner we handle everything else.  Plenty of advice and help have been hurtled in our direction and we are grateful for every bit of support, but making our own rules has always been our way.  I can’t wait for us to start this journey, finding out how to mold our lives to fit our new addition.  I don’t fear change, I embrace it, and I’m ready for us to push boundaries to create our ideal life.  

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