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HK’s summer is in full force and I’m so ready to make my look more low maintenance.  I hate dealing with make-up in this muggy, humid heat, so was eager to try out Browhaus lash and brow services in hopes of making my make-up free face more presentable. 

Brow Shaping: Basic Brow Shaping
I went for the Basic Brow Shaping service.  I have to admit it’s been ages since I’ve had my brows professionally groomed, and they have been bugging me for months.  I am lusting after a thicker, more Cara look but my sparse brows don’t seem to fatten up despite weeks of leaving them alone.   I expressed these concerns to my technician and she went about reshaping them in a way that made them look much thicker despite taking a fair amount off.  It seems it’s all about the shape and I will definitely be leaving it to the experts for now on.   I now don’t feel the urge to overuse my brow pencil and the shape frames my eyes perfectly.  She even gave me tips on how to grow out a few sparse areas and the best way to maintain the shape until my next visit.

Lashes: Lash in Bloom Cluster Extensions
I am a bit antsy when it comes to sitting in a grooming chair for long periods of time so I settled upon the Lash in Bloom Cluster Extensions over their lash by lash service.  The entire process took a quick thirty minutes and was very stress free.  There was a choice of three lengths and I went for the more dramatic look, combining all three lengths with the longest at the outer edge of each eye.  I loved the bambi fluttering look that was the end result and my make-up time is definitely dialled down now that I can forgo mascara. I usually do a smokey eye in the evening and now don’t remove all the eyeliner on my lash line at night.   The morning result is a smudged lived in look perfect for day and means I am ready after a quick swipe of concealer and bronzer.  Just what I hoped for when opting for lash extensions.  After a week I have noticed a few clusters have fallen off but it is barely noticeable.  The tune-up service is only $120 which is very affordable for touching up the look every few weeks.  I think I’ll be returning next week for quick touch-up and plan on keeping my new lashes throughout the summer.


Browhaus Summer Bazaar
For the entire month of June, Browhaus have joined forces with amika and Havianas to keep you summer ready. STRIP and Browhaus customers who choose to beautify with an a la carte treatment will be entitled to 10% off on the amika Power Cloud Force hair dryer and can enjoy a buy 2-get one free deal on hair care products.  Browhaus customers will also receive 20% off on stylish Havainas flip-flops.  Make sure to head over and prepare for HK’s scorching summer!
Browhaus Hong Kong
10/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2845 0886

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