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The Wareerak Hot Springs and Wellness, Krabi Thailand

written by ChristingC March 10, 2021

Immerse in the beauty and tranquility of The Wareerak Hot Springs and Wellness and discover another side of Krabi. Less than an hour drive from Krabi International Airport, and just 15 minutes from the provinces famous Emerald Pool, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush greenery, abundant nature and the therapeutic hot springs famous for its healing waters. We loved the private experience, well maintained pools, friendly staff, and resort facilities that ensured we had a comfortable and relaxing stay. Their large property spans over over 10 acres including a botanical garden, fruit orchards, and an abundance of wildlife. The water in the hot springs is clear with no smell or taste and has a neutral PH Value of 7 making it gentle on the skin as well as drinkable. The hot springs area is both stunning, serene, and unique. Couples can stay in their rustic bungalows and indulge in world class spa treatments and families will love the bonding experience of bathing and exploring the stunning area. I highly recommend their signature treatments including Thai herbal remedies, all natural body scrubs, and the tension releasing head, neck, and shoulder massages that take place right in the calming warm water. The food at the simple yet authentic Thai restaurant will keep you feeling healthy and refreshed and we are sure you’ll be fully recharged after a few days at this intimate and inviting retreat. Whether you’re looking for detox and health reset or bonding time and relaxation, head to The Wareerak for a dose of the natural and healing experiences on offer.


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