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Bali Travel Diary: The Ungasan Clifftop Resort and Sunday’s Beach Club

written by ChristingC August 18, 2016

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Sometimes you and a place just clicks. I’m really partial to Uluwatu and could pretty much imagine living out my days in a rustic villa with barefooted kids and never giving another thought to brushing my hair again. The Ungasan Clifftop Resort fuses luxury with Balinese charm and gives off a relaxing vibe that is incredibly addictive.  Their infinity pools boast sweeping ocean views that are dizzying impressive at sunset and ideal when mingled with the salty ocean breeze on a scorching day.  Travel down the rocky cliff snd set foot in a bohemian beach paradise otherwise known as Sunday’s Beach Club. We dined on unfussy casual fare while watching the waves crash, and bathed in the shallow clear blue ocean at low tide. Once sunset hit the oaky smell of romantic bonfires swept across the beach, while we sunk into lazy beanbags with frosty cold cocktails in hand.  After dark we travelled the well paved route back to our indulgent villa for wine in bed before waking early to a serene sunrise.  The resort allows you to live out your boho luxe dreams while making sure every luxurious detail has been met.  When it came time to say goodbye, we found it almost impossible to pry ourselves from the dreamy views and accommodating villas.  Can we go back now? 

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