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written by ChristingC March 23, 2015
 Life is currently all about my cozy family, a tight group of friends, and the random social life that comes with residing in HK.  After almost ten years with the boy, jumping over to a different continent to find a new home, exploring over 30 cities together, and almost a year with our little girl, I can barely remember what life used to be.  Relating to the past or relationships of the past can be a chore in understanding and tolerance rather than actual enjoyment.  When priorities shift, it can be hard to go back to old habits and be abiding in a way I used to feel was second nature.  I’ve put almost all worries behind me and traded up for a new set of goals and aspirations.  Unhappiness and bad moods are almost impossible when you are raising someone who consistently offers the most genuine smiles and laughs. Bitterness can be one of the most unattractive traits, so I’m changing my pace and surrounding myself with those who want to walk beside me.  

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