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teach them well and let them lead the way

written by ChristingC October 20, 2014
Monday has arrived faster than expected and I’m trying to wrap my mind around all that has surpassed in the past six months. I often dwell in moments of anxiety when it dawns on my subconscious that it is pretty feasible for four years to pass within a flash. Do you ever fear not enough has been accomplished in your 24 hour day? I have friends who can run at full pace 99% of the time, and then there’s me.  Achievement without my relaxed happiness basically means nothing.  The actual idea that my daughter has to go to school by the age of two and that I need to consider which education path she should take before her first step has even occurred is extremely surreal.  As each generation grows we become more competitive, more structured, more determined.  We dream bigger but what happened to just lying on a beach, maybe for a month, building a good foundation for a loving family.  I am starting to realise the healthier my relationship is with my daughter and my husband the more well adjusted she’ll be in future.  What is a great education and all the opportunity in the world if she doesn’t feel safe or know the true meaning of love.  Everyone speaks of planning how they will teach their children math, reading, and writing, but how do we teach our young about the world.  How to search for true love and not to throw yourself away for anything less.  How to be strong, confident, and voice your views.  How to share and have compassion for others less fortunate than yourself.  How to enjoy your life rather than trapping yourself in a path that is forced upon you.  Half a year will have passed since she entered this world and I just want to make sure she smiles and laughs through most of her day.  Everything else will come later, and if all those crazy logistics don’t really work out just as well as the super planners then it will still be okay because we are happy and have each other. 


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