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written by ChristingC April 1, 2014

Some of us are lucky enough to discover love.   That kind of I can’t breathe without you, be apart from you, type of high.   Where a few hours or days apart feels like an eternity, even after decades together.  The notion comes with soaring heights of ecstatic sensation and dipping, confusing lows.   Your moods sway together, losing parts of your identity while building a separate one as one.   Their burdens, sadness, or worries litter your everyday thoughts.   The only way to be fully happy is for both of you to be there in that moment.   You know without doubts, you will never threaten, you will never think of it because you will never leave.   Life can only be complete in this specific way, and for all that comes with the extreme attachment comes the most insane happiness you could imagine.  A security knowing whatever outside elements may upset you, you belong to a home that makes you want for nothing more.  Those months, hours, years, where both of you float in glorified contentment, revelling in that space and time are what drives your dreams.  Those smiles, laughs, kisses, nights make you realise what life is really all about.  Why you thrive and fight to live, to make your everyday a better place.  Why you work hard, support each other, find ways to never spend moments apart, is to bring a permanency to that happiness.    You know as soon as it happens and you will never turn back, and every breath, tear, and smile afterwards is all that will ever matter.


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