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written by ChristingC January 5, 2014
 photo 8B46ECFF.jpg photo 1471DCAE.jpg photo 3A7A5B61.jpg photo AC34D189.jpg photo B0925D9F.jpg photo D9F1EF16.jpg photo 2EF12710.jpg photo 98469301.jpg photo 0A9D2523.jpg
C. by Christing C. Elgin Vest and Big Sur Dress, Carin Wester Blazer, Celine Sunglasses.

The boy and I are having fun playing tourist during our trip in London.  We’ve lived here for years, burrowed into the depths of Notting Hill and enjoying all the neighbourhood quirks the area had to offer.  Staying in North London for a few weeks is a new novelty for us, so we are taking the opportunity to shop the many boutiques, cozy up in inviting pubs, and exploring food markets bursting with mulled wine and melted cheese.  Despite blistering rain and wind, we are finding ways to keep toasty with genuine smiles and laughs dominating each day.  Long getaways are the best way to drift away from reality.  


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