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forgotten bedtimes

written by ChristingC January 19, 2013
Carin Wester Romy Jacket from Christing C., Zara silk Men’s shirt, One Teaspoon Bonitas, Givenchy Nightingale, and Zara wedges.

 Testing out the undone menswear look on top with barely anything on the bottom.  I kinda wish this shirt was a few inches longer so I could have converted it into a full on dress.  Wore this last night to eat in a crazily over crowded hole in the wall and meet friends at another Soho bar.  Stayed up way past my bedtime and managed to slumber until 3pm this afternoon.  I feel like I have stay at home jetlag on the weekends.  

Both of my fave HK DJ’s are playing tonight in HK!! DJ Angus Wong at W Hong Kong opening for Plastic Plates and Eve Speciall over at XXX for a crazy “surreal” party!  Come join us!